José Luís Mesas Sánchez, born on October 12, 1973 in Palma, in the bossom of a humble family.

From an early age he will start to excel in drawing and design, gaining recognition from his teacher of Fine Arts, as well as various internally prizes.

It is in his first job, in a graphic company, where he will discover and exploit the different aspects and techniques of art.

In 2008, the couple formed by Myra Cohen and Lluc Bibiloni collectors and patrons, set their sights on the great artistic potential of Mesas, betting firmly on the artist, giving him the necessary stability to focus solely on his career.

Recognizing Tables in their own words '' Without the trust and support that Myra and Lluc demonstrated, I would never have been able to become who I am today ... ''

Although over the years he never stopped to paint, it was only in the year 2015 that he decided to take the reins of his artistic career devoting himself exclusively to his art.

After several successful exhibitions in Spain , 2016 has been the first key year in the consecration of Mesas as an international artist, with his participation in Art Basel - Miami, being 2018 the second one, with the presentation of the "Christ of the Gypsies and the four elements" the largest painting in Spain  that will be exhibit in the Mayte Spinola museum in Marmolejo, Spain.


Actually he has works exposed in Miami, a permanent space in the Museum of Decorative Arts from Mallorca that includes a retrospective exhibition and several collective exhibitions planned national and international.

The work of Mesas can be called Eclectic for its incredible ease of approaching very different pictorial styles.

In some artistic circles, it’s spoken of a new style called “Mesismo”.